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Cards manufactured by Printack can be in different materials : Cardboard, Tear free film, Magnetic substrate. These cards are placed in frames, or in shelf-edge holders. They can be also applied with rivets, staples and other means according to circumstances. They are also frequently used for the identification of persons.
  • Film
    In some cases, self-adhesive labels are not required (when the product is wrapped in film) or they may cause inconvenience on the products being marked. There application areas are diverse: furnishings, automotive spare parts, industrial tooling, concrete reinforcing bars... These cards may also be inserted into frames at point of sale and can be easily removed or re-positioned.
    Available in 120µ and 190µ >>

  • Cardbord
    Cards for broaches or for use in shelf-edge holder on supermarket aisle shelves.. These labels are specially designed for this purpose. They are made from high-quality cardboard providing easy handling when labels have to be inserted or removed the from the shelf. >>

  • Business cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty/Discount cards, Season Tickets...
    The sizes of these cards fit any standard-size european wallet. The cards, in cardboard, allow printing with standard images, for example for loyalty cards. Filmic cards avoid deterioration through multiple or frequent handling and will last a very long time. All these cards can be printed both sides in duplex printers. >>

Packing : 100 sheets
Réf. PLAK3-120
Réf. PLAK3-190
3 labels 80x185mm
Réf. PLAK4V3-120
Réf. PLAK4-190
4 labels 105x140mm
Réf. PLAK8-120
Réf. PLAK8-190
8 labels 67x100mm
Réf. PLAK12-120
Réf. PLAK12-190
12 labels 105x49mm
Réf. PLAK14-120
Réf. PLAK14-190
14 labels 105x37mm
    PLAK8-120 labels, can be used with stake system GARDEN    
Réf. PLAK 21-C
21 labels 56x38mm
Réf. PLAK 24-C
24 labels 64x34mm
Business cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty/Discount cards, Season Tickets...
Réf. CC10-190 / film 190µ
10 labels 85x54mm

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