You have an idea for other media for communicating your product message in the form of:
         Article holders

but you can’t see how to make it work?

Printack can help integrate the entire project taking into account all constraints right from project development stage to commissioning in your workplace.

The development stages are:

1. Establishment of project objectives and requirements
    Definition of responsibilities and time-scale.

2. Label Design Proposal
    proposal for fold pattern
    proposal for cutter design
    submission of format diagram for approval.

3. Proposal of label/other material taking physical, mechanical, chemical constraints/requirements into account:
    paper - card - synthetic films - combination of different materials
    In the case of self-adhesive material:
    Selection of adhesive best suited to your application:
    - permanent adhesive    
    - removable adhesive
    - adhesive with high initial tack
    Selection of backing type
    Depending on the label material type best suited to maintaining flatness of sheets. Materials will be selected to ensure trouble-free usage in your printer.

4. Proposal of software. To suit your particular requirements according to :
    Your needs for :
    The order of printing of data on the sheet
    Printing of labels row by row, column by column or in any other desired sequence
    Printing double-sided
    Printing of banners
    Printing of various other items
    Implementation plans
    Technical notices
    Specific barcodes
    Your data source file types
    Your computer system configuration:
    - Local
    - Network
    - Shared printing
    - Remote printing
    The type of operator who is to use the software
    - creative, needing to create or modify files frequently
    - specialised employee with a fixed job profile
    Your commercial environment and style
    - you are the sole user
    - your customers are the users: the software and support information can be branded with your logo and corporate identity
    Printack is continually developing its software in all aspects in order to meet all and any new customer requirements

5. Packaging
    Commercial discretion: Printack proposes that where re-sellers are involved, marking of outer and inner packages conforms to your logo and corporate identity as specified by you.

6. Proposal of Trial
    Printack suggests a field trial to allow labels to be tested in real live conditions.