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The label displaying the plant and its description is vitally important place in consumers’ purchasing decisions. The information displayed must be relevant and match the consumer’s requirements. These labels can be automatically printed both sides in duplex laser printers. They allow you to print a photo, the description in the appropriate language, planting advice, logos, price, barcodes, and any other necessary information all in one go.
  • Tags
    Our tags have a hole of either 5 or 8 mm diameter allowing them to be attached to the plant using a string or clamp. Tags can also be attached to stakes that are driven into the soil.
    Available in 120µ (white and colored film) or 190µ (white) >>

  • Chromo
    Chromo labels, because of their special collar design, can be fastened to a plant using an automatic applicator-gun – no fuss; no inconvenience.>>

Packing : 100 sheets
TAG labels Download TAG label sizes  Download TAG label sizes
Réf. TAG2-120 ML5
Réf. TAG2-190 ML5
2 labels 210x147mm
hole 5mm
Réf. TAG2-120 MC8
Réf. TAG2-190 MC8
2 labels 210x147mm
hole 8mm
Réf. TAG3-120 MC8
Réf. TAG3-190 MC8
3 labels 210x98mm
hole 8mm
Réf. TAG4-120 MC8 SM
Réf. TAG4-190 MC8 SM
4 labels 105x147mm
hole 8mm - without margin
Réf. TAG4-120 MC5
Réf. TAG4-190 MC5
4 labels 105x133mm
hole 5mm
Réf. TAG4-120 ML8
Réf. TAG4-190 ML8
4 labels 105x133mm
hole 8mm
Réf. TAG6-120 MC5
Réf. TAG6-190 MC5
6 labels 105x97mm
hole 5mm
Réf. TAG8-120 MC5
Réf. TAG8-190 MC5
8 labels 105x67mm
hole 5mm
Réf. TAG8-120 MC5 SM
Réf. TAG8-190 MC5 SM
8 labels 105x74mm
hole 5mm
Réf. TAG8-120 ML8
Réf. TAG8-190 ML8
8 labels 105x67mm
hole 8mm
Réf. TAG10-120 MC8
Réf. TAG10-190 MC8
10 labels 105x57mm
hole 8mm
Réf. TAG12-120 MC8
Réf. TAG12-190 MC8
12 labels 105x47mm
hole 8mm
Réf. TAG14-120 MC5
Réf. TAG14-190 MC5
14 labels 105x37mm
hole 5mm
Réf. TAG14-120 MC8
Réf. TAG14-190 MC8
14 labels 105x37mm
hole 8mm
Réf. TAG14-120 ML8
Réf. TAG14-190 ML8
14 labels 105x37mm
hole 8mm
also available in
colored film 120µ
Réf. TAG33-120 MC8
Réf. TAG33-190 MC8
33 labels 70x25mm
hole 8mm
TAG labels hole 8mm can be used with
STORM stakes>>

All TAG references can be used with mini-stick
STICKIN-300 >>

or suspended with rings RING-1000 >>

CHROMO labels
Réf. CHROMO6-190

6 labels 183x120mm
to be sticked in pots
Réf. CHROMO8-120
Réf. CHROMO8-190
8 labels 60x130mm
to be suspended
Réf. EUROLOG4-120

4 labels 105x134mm
to be suspended

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