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The complete label print solution
with or without data base
large choice of connections with your own datas or merchandise management system
This package permits micro-computer users – even beginners – to design their own labels quickly and simply, including labels displaying variable data. Producing labels using Printack’s Label software is based on clear ergonomic principles. The label layout is presented on-screen in real time and additions and amendments can be made directly via the simple click of your mouse.
Layout of a TF7r9 tie label
Pass over the picture to see the verso

>> Main functional advantages

  1. Items to figure on the label are easily positioned
    Alignment is easily made either justified left, right or centred
    Items can be automatically positioned in pre-designated areas of the label
    Items can be rotated
    Backgrounds can be changed
    Fonts can be changed
    Other properties can be changed
    Variable data imported from source files can be easily combined and incorporated on the label Large choice à bar codes Vectorial pdf printing impression vectorielle PDF

  2. Variable data can be easily imported:
    From external files of type
    “.txt” or “.csv
    on request : Oracle ; PostgreSQL ; SQLite ; IBM DB2 : Interbase ; Sybase ; Microsoft SQL Server ; interfaces ODBC et ADO

    Possibility to integrate data bases Green X, PhS, Uhlig Kakteen, Etiflor...

    Complete edition of the data bases with numerous functions for the data records : search, filter, selection, insert, copy, delete, automatic allocation of datas, display of pictures.
    Combination of several differents source data bases

    Direct connection without any interface
    Any data contained in these files can be edited: text, numbering, price, notes,images, barcodes, etc

  3. Editing of labels is not restricted to, staggered or opposite layout of the labels are possible
  4. Automatic printing of any label format, even customised, without needing to alter printer driver. Double-side printing is possible on “duplex” printers
>> Additional Features

Printack Label software can be integrated with other applications.
It can be customised to display your personal logo/colours
Available in French, German, English, Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Russian, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian, Swedish and Finnish. Other languages can be made available on request.

>> Service

Trial software package available free on request
Free training and lifetime support for our label customers.
Customising to suit your specific requirements can be arranged on request.
All requests from customers will be considered.


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