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The properties of this film avoid the emission or dispersion of any fine particles. Ideal for clean room or controlled environments.

  • Special film for printing documents to replace the paper. Technical notices, manuals, signs, etc.

  White film for signage and posters - Size A3
Réf. SB120-A3 120µ
Réf. SB190-A3 190µ

White film for signage and posters - Size A4
Réf. SB120-A4 120µ
Réf. SB190-A4 190µ

White film for signage and posters - Size A5
A4 die-cut 2 x A5 per sheet
Réf. SB120-2A5 120µ
Réf. SB190-2A5 190µ
  Couloured opaque film 120µ Size A3 / A4 / A5

Ref. SBc120-(A3/A4/A5) B (Dark blue)
Ref. SBc120-(A3/A4/A5) R (Red)
Ref. SBc120-(A3/A4/A5) G (Dark green)
Ref. SBc120-(A3/A4/A5) O (Bright orange)
Ref. SBc120-(A3/A4/A5) Y (Bright yellow)
Ref. SBc120-(A3/A4/A5) PB (Pastel blue)
Réf. SBc120-(A3/A4/A5) PG (Pastel green)
Ref. SBc120-(A3/A4/A5) P (Pink)

Coulours can differ from this image
  • Self-adhesive film in which all layers are made of synthetic materials only and not contaminated by products such as paper. These labels can be used in clean rooms to identify production lots, the marking of parts, etc.
    Packing : 100 sheets

    Available sizes :

Download the selfadhesive label sizes for cleanrooms     Download selfadhesive label sizes for cleanrooms

backing : film mat (* = F) or clear (* = FC)

Ref. ***0S/*
1 label 210x297mm
Ref. SB1S/*
1 labels 200x287mm
Ref. SB1M1/*
1 labels 136x227mm
Ref. SB2M1/*
2 labels 200x130mm
Ref. SB2M2/*
2 labels 150x99mm
Ref. SB2S/*
2 labels 200x144mm
Ref. SB2V1/*
2 labels 100x230mm
Ref. SB3V1/*
3 labels 67x272mm
Ref. SB3M1/*
3 labels 120x68mm
Ref. SB4H1/*
4 labels 190x70mm
Ref. SB4S/*
4 labels 99x144mm
Ref. SB4V1/*
4 labels 87x138mm
Ref. SB4V2/*
4 labels 83x134mm
Ref. SB4M1/*
4 labels 90x120mm
Ref. SB4M2/*
4 labels 196x54mm
Ref. SB6M1/*
6 labels 70x70mm
Ref. SB6M2/*
6 labels 57x107mm
Ref. SB6V1/*
6 labels 61x140mm
Ref. SB7H1/*
7 labels 158x37mm
Ref. SB8S/*
8 labels 99x67mm
Ref. SB8M1/*
8 labels 96x65mm
Ref. SB8V1/*
8 labels 50x130mm
Ref. SB8V2/*
8 labels 50x135mm
Ref. SB8V3/*
8 labels 50x140mm
Ref. SB8V4/*
8 labels 45x140mm
Ref. SB10S/*
10 labels 99x50mm
Ref. SB10M1/*
10 labels 75x52mm
Ref. SB10M2/*
10 labels 99x50mm
Ref. SB12S/*
12 labels 85x45mm
Ref. SB12H1/*
12 labels 95x46mm
Ref. SB14S/*
14 labels 99x38mm
Ref. SB15H1/*
15 labels 66x55mm
Ref. SB16S/*
16 labels 99x34mm
Ref. SB16H1/*
16 labels 73x35mm
Ref. SB16M1/*
16 labels 45x65mm
Ref. SB21S/*
21 labels 63x38mm
Ref. SB21M1/*
21 labels 64x34mm
Ref. SB24S/*
24 labels 64x34mm
Ref. SB28V1/*
28 labels 28x70mm
Ref. SB32H1/*
32 labels 48x34mm
Ref. SB33S/*
33 labels 63x24mm
Ref. SB33H1/*
33 labels 67x25mm
Ref. SB36H1/*
36 labels 52x31mm
Ref. SB36M1/*
36 labels 30x40mm
Ref. SB55H1/*
55 labels 34x24mm
Ref. SB60H1/*
60 labels 50x19mm
Ref. SB65S/*
65 labels 38x21mm
Ref. SB72S/*
72 labels 34x24mm
Ref. SB84S/*
84 labels 27x24mm
Ref. SB88M1/*
88 labels 43x8mm
Ref. SB108S/*
108 labels 49x10mm
Ref. SB154S/*
154 labels 24x12mm
Ref. SB192S/*
192 labels 21x9mm
Ref. SB330S/*
330 labels 13x8mm
Ref. SB1R1/*
1 labels diam. 200mm
Ref. SB2R1/*
2 labels diam 140mm
Ref. SB6R1/*
6 labels diam. 80mm
Ref. SB12ov1/*
12 labels ovales 75x45mm
Ref. SB15R1/*
15 labels diam.50mm
Ref. SB117R1/*
117 labels diam.20mm
Special sizes
To fold
Ref. SB4MF/*
8 labels 100x140mm(2)
Ref. SB8_CDG/*
8 labels 143x43mm
Ref. SB20L1/*
20 labels 88x34,1mm
Ref. SB20L1/*
20 labels 83x34,1mm
Ref. SB9B/*
9 labels 23x140mm
Ref. SB34/*
34 labels 11x144mm

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