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These labels are for use at point of sale for advertising purposes.
  • Size A3/A4/A5
    Sheets printed on a soft material suitable for any laser printer. Once printed, the labels are placed in display frames which keep the posters perfectly upright. >>

  • Band
    Banners are printable on desktop laser printers such as "OKI". Banners give you the opportunity to communicate messages for sales campaigns, special occasions, etc.>>

Packing : 100 sheets (beside for banners>
Size A3/A4/A5
  White film for signage and posters
Size A3

Réf. TF120-A3 120µ
Réf. TF190-A3 190µ

White film for signage and posters
Size A4

Réf. TF120-A4 en 120µ
Réf. TF190-A4 en 190µ

White film for signage and posters
Size A5

A4 die-cut 2 x A5 per sheet
Réf. TF120-2A5 en 120µ
Réf. TF190-2A5 en 190µ
  Couloured opaque film 120µ Size A3 / A4 / A5

Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) B (dark blue)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) R (red)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) O (bright orange)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) Y (bright yellow)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) G (dark green)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) PG (pastel green)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) PB (pastel blue)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) PL (pastel lilac)
Réf. TFc120-(A3/A4/A5) PP (pastel pink)

Coulours can differ from this image
Colours available depending on banner width      
Réf. BAND 220-120
Banner 120µ 220x900mm
Réf. BAND 310-120
Banner 120µ 310x900mm
Réf. BAND 220-190
Banner 190µ 220x900mm
Réf. BAND 310-190
Banner 190µ 310x900mm

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