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Labels for stakes are designed for display on plants where a hanging label is not appropriate. These labels are mostly made of semi-hard material which gives the label high stability.
  • CLASSIC for stake system CLASSIC >>
    Classic labels are used for display: indoors, in greenhouses, or outdoors, but not in windy or extreme conditions.

  • PLAK for stake system GARDEN >>
    For sophisticated and subtle display of beautiful garden environments such as Orchids, cut flowers; flower shows, etc.

  • WINDSAFE for stake system WINDSAFE >>
    Wind-safe is the right label for outdoor use. It offers very good resistance even in very windy places.

  • JANUS for Janus stakes >>

  • TAG for stake system STORM >>
    Very convenient for outside marking on storm stakes. Ideal for marking and follow up in special experimentation fields where durations over several years is required.

Packing : 100 sheets

Labels WINDSAFE 4-190
CLASSIC labels
A poster which is inclined at a 45° angle, highly visible and easy to read.
Uses: Botanical gardens, nurseries, etc.
To be used with stake Réf. CLASSIC-250
Réf. Classic6-190
6 labels 105x83mm
PLAK labels
A small poster holder which can be placed on a fibreglass stake.
Uses: Flower shops, garden centres, DIY stores, nurseries, botanical gardens, etc.
To be used with stake Réf. GARDEN
Réf. PLAK8-120µ ou 190µ
8 labels 67x100mm
It allows you to display a poster even in windy conditions.
Mains uses: garden centres, nurseries, on fields.
The poster is held under tension in a curved holder providing extremely good stability.

To be used with stake Réf. WINDSAFE-250
Réf. Windsafe4-190
4 labels 105x140mm
JANUS labels
For JANUS stakes  
Réf. JANUS 8-190µ
8 labels 70x105mm
TAG labels
We recommend TAG8, TAG12, TAG14 et TAG33 abels(hole 8mm) for the stake stystem STORM  
To be used with storm stakes Réf. STORM-1000
Réf. TAG see all TAG sizes    

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