To offer a complete, all-in-one service, Printack offers accessories for the simple use of some labels and displays.

Stakes: For identifying experimental crops, plants in pots or in rows

Frames: Display materials for point of sale

Label clips for easy attachment of labels to plants

Ref. STORM-1000
Stakes - length 40cm
for labels TAG hole 8mm
with extension réf. EXTENS-500 length 35cm

Stakes - length 30cm
for labels Windsafe 4-190
specially designed to resist high winds
with extension réf. EXTENS-500 length 35cm
Pass over the picture to see the back side

Réf. CLASSIC-250
Stakes - length 41cm
for labels Classic 6-190
with extension réf. EXTENS-500 length 35cm

Réf. PUB
Frames for points of sale
for films A4 or A5 size

Stakes for labels PLAK8-120

Réf. STICKIN15-300 and STICKIN26-300
Display holder 15cm or 26cm
for TAG labels with hole 5mm
here shown with label Réf. TAG8-120 MC5

Réf. RING-1000
Anneaux pour
étiquettes de présentation avec trou
ici présenté avec étiquette Réf. Chromo8