Labels for stakes are designed for display on plants where a hanging label is not appropriate. These labels are mostly made of semi-hard material which gives the label high stability.

CLASSIC for stake system CLASSIC
Classic labels are used for display: indoors, in greenhouses, or outdoors, but not in windy or extreme conditions.

PLAK for stake system GARDEN
For sophisticated and subtle display of beautiful garden environments such as Orchids, cut flowers; flower shows, etc.

WINDSAFE for stake system WINDSAFE
Wind-safe is the right label for outdoor use. It offers very good resistance even in very windy places.

JANUS for Janus stakes

TAG for stake system STORM
Very convenient for outside marking on storm stakes. Ideal for marking and follow up in special experimentation fields where durations over several years is required.

Packing : 100 sheets

CLASSIC labels

Réf. Classic6-190 6 labels 105x83mm

A poster which is inclined at a 45° angle, highly visible and easy to read. Uses: Botanical gardens, nurseries, etc.

To be used with stake Réf. CLASSIC-250
PLAK labels

Réf. PLAK8-120µ ou 190µ 8 labels 67x100mm

A small poster holder which can be placed on a fibreglass stake. Uses: Flower shops, garden centres, DIY stores, nurseries, botanical gardens, etc.

To be used with stake Réf. GARDEN

Réf. Windsafe4-190 4 labels 105x140mm

It allows you to display a poster even in windy conditions. Mains uses: garden centres, nurseries, on fields.

To be used with stake Réf. WINDSAFE-250
JANUS labels

Réf. JANUS 8-190µ 8 labels 70x105mm

For JANUS stakes

TAG labels

Réf. TAG

We recommend TAG8, TAG12, TAG14 et TAG33 abels(hole 8mm) for the stake stystem STORM

To be used with storm stakes Réf. STORM-1000