Our line of filmic self-adhesive labels are used in mechanically or chemically stressful environments wherever a paper material is inadequate.

Tear Free
Water-resistant self-adhesive film. It allows the manufacture of labels for packaging or substrates which are used outdoors or in damp surroundings.

The print on this label is offers very high resistance to mechanical and chemical environments. It is used for labels that must resist very unfriendly conditions such as in the field of automotive spare parts, industrial processes, etc. .

Weather-resistant film designed for labels to be used on rought or uneven surfaces, surfaces that are pitted, grained or porous. Particularly suitable for labels used on Polyethylene containers, squeeze bottles. Very good also for stoneware, earthenware, etc.

Water and U.V. resistant film. The bright finish provides a high-grade communication label.

Self-adhesive silver film.